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"Meine Bayern" is the name of the column by SPORT BILD reporter legend Raimund Hinko that deals with the German record champion. Hinko has accompanied the Munich team for decades.

Dear football textbook

I am sorry that I have to rewrite you. No, don't worry, not completely new, it doesn't hurt, on the contrary. The new pages will do you good. It's - of course - about the Champions League goal to Bayern's 2-0 win at Benfica Lisbon. Renato Sanches' goal after a breathtaking combination. Perhaps the best in the history of FC Bayern.

How shall I begin to describe this incredible goal, to appreciate it fine enough? I've seen so many great things at Bayern over the decades.

These incredible solo runs by Uli Hoeneß in 1973 at the 3:3 in Dresden. From the middle line, he twice took off in the deepest mud to the bone-hard Ede Geyer, brought Bayern 1:0 and 2:0 in the lead - Geyer howled unrestrained.

These two two goals from Gerd Müller and Uli Hoeneß in the European Cup repeat final against Atlético Madrid, this brilliant 4:0 in May 1974. At that time Bavaria could still win against outstanding Spanish teams...

I could continue to swarm for many pages. Of how Paul Breitner turned games with tremendous will. How the fast as an arrow Karl-Heinz Rummenigge dribbled his opponents to humming tops. How Franz Beckenbauer tore down his opponent's walls with outside passes, which today Mats Hummels succeeds in doing again. How Lothar Matthäus smashed the ball volley into the triangle in Leverkusen in 1992 after a corner ball from 25 meters. Of course, the ball was conjured in by football genius Mehmet Scholl. I thought I was fed up after so many highlights. But the goal in Estádio da Luz makes me hungry for more. It's certainly the same for the fans.

After a lot of thinking, I christened this goal the "HeynKoLa" 2-0 goal, which is a mixture of the handwriting of the coaches Pep Guardiola, Jupp Heynckes and Niko Kovac. And what that means: Guardiola's possession football over the full length and width of the pitch. With Kovac's new hell tempo, which looks like counterfootball (it's not). Garnished with the combination technique and the technical cabinet pieces from Heynckes.

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Uli Hoeneß Honours


Bayern Munich
  • Bundesliga: 1971–72, 1972–73, 1973–74
  • DFB-Pokal: 1970–71
  • European Cup: 1973–74, 1974–75, 1975–76
  • Intercontinental Cup: 1976


West Germany
  • FIFA World Cup winner: 1974
  • UEFA European Championship winner: 1972; runner-up: 1976

I can't stop looking at this goal, I've long been addicted to it.

Joshua Kimmich combines the ball after winning the duel with a Brazilian-style turn forward. Arjen Robben, the Brazilian Dutchman, likes a direct game in the foot of the approaching Renato Sanches. The Portuguese sprints 50 metres in Benfica's half in Lothar Matthew style, shakes off three opponents and plays to Robert Lewandowski after five ball contacts. The Pole, intoxicated by this move, is not keen on scoring his own goal, playing Franck Ribéry in front of the penalty area after half left. The Frenchman sees James Rodriguez running free in his back. The next loupe with his left, right into the foot of Sanches, is the real feat of this goal. With so much fine-tuning, crazy feeling, as it is only in the Colombian's left foot. And Sanches crowns his run with the shot from four meters into the empty goal to 2-0.

Those who witnessed this memorable moment will never forget how Benfica's fans rose in the Estádio da Luz to celebrate their ex-player for his epochal goal. Everyone sensed that they were witnessing a historic football moment. A cluster of human bodies poured over Sanches. Full of empathy for the 21-year-old. The players of Benfica were also moved.

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From the beginning - November 2017 - it was my conviction that Niko Kovac is the right coach for Bavaria. We can certainly look forward to even more great moves for the textbook, to HeyKoLa goals. Especially now that he has realized that James Rodriguez is indispensable for his team. That he even scored header goals with his 1.80 meters.

And that Renato Sanches is a great addition to the line-up. On the other hand, the first defeat - you can hardly imagine it - should not bring the Bavarians out of their rhythm. I'm sure that Kovac will react confidently.